Tokyo Take 2

Originally published on 6 June 2006. This post is part of a larger series of “e-mails to home” from my first ever trip abroad–to Japan! So I woke up on Sunday and read my Bible. I miss real church with other┬ápeople. I’ll be glad to go to a service when I get home. I gotContinue reading “Tokyo Take 2”

First Glimpse of Tokyo

Originally published on 6 June 2006. This post is part of a series of “e-mails to home” that I wrote during my first ever solo summer abroad living and working in Japan! Hello to all! I have officially conquered Tokyo with the help of Mrs. Fujita and her amazing family. I hopped the morning train (6:48am) fromContinue reading “First Glimpse of Tokyo”

Kyoto: First Glimpse

Originally published on 2 June 2006. This post is part of a series of e-mails home from my first ever solo trip abroad, Japan! Next up: Kyoto! Yoko and I went to Kyoto to see a big temple.We took two trains and walked a loooooong way up hill (but it was a wonderful workout!) to getContinue reading “Kyoto: First Glimpse”

The Nagoya Experience

Originally published on 2 June 2006. This post is part of a series of e-mails to home from my first ever solo trip abroad: Japan! Well hello there! My travels have been pretty good so far, and I’m not done yet! Follow along with me… Monday, I went to Nagoya. This was the first time I’dContinue reading “The Nagoya Experience”

The Beauty of a Weekender

Today I’m letting you in on some of the reasons why weekend trips are so awesome. Steve and I frequently take quick trips to places we’ve never been, and inevitably we get looks of shock and the exclamation, “But that’s not enough time to really know a city!” Or the ever-popular, “But why would you spend all that money and time on a plane to only spend such a short time there?”

Carry-on Only: 14 Days, 5 Cities

It’s that time again… time to pack! My husband is whisking me away for our annual Trip of a Lifetime, and this year we’re hitting up five cities in five different countries, four of which are new to us–and all of which are new to me! Luckily it’s summer (or summery weather) in all these places,Continue reading “Carry-on Only: 14 Days, 5 Cities”

Elephants and Tuk-tuks

Another day in Cambodia, another day of amazing temples! Today’s favorite temple featured one of the most adorable animals on the planet: elephants! I never did see a real one in Cambodia, but the pretend ones were a bit more manageable anyway. Despite it being the rainy season, the day started out bright and beautiful!Continue reading “Elephants and Tuk-tuks”

Adventures in Angkor

What’s the most impressive place you’ve ever been? The pyramids of Egypt? The Na Pali Coast on Kauai? For me, it is the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The massive scale and incredibly detailed stonework from 1000 years ago were truly amazing! Take a look: I’ve been excited about this trip for monthsContinue reading “Adventures in Angkor”