Romantic Verona

Verona is my new favorite city! Steve granted my Valentine’s request and whisked me away to fair Verona, Italy, of Romeo and Juliet fame. The tale of Romeo and Juliet predates the Shakespearean play, but he certainly did make this beautiful city famous for centuries to come. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and it’s safeContinue reading “Romantic Verona”

London in 2 Days

Everyone will tell you two days in London is not enough—and they’re right if your goal is to see and do everything! But if your goal is to make the absolute most of your time, I have the itinerary you need! I’m a huge proponent of traveling when and how you can, never waiting until theContinue reading “London in 2 Days”

How to Plan Long-term Travel in Europe

I got a question from a fellow female traveler recently about how to manage traveling in Europe for four months. Or should she spend two months in Europe and two months in Southeast Asia? Well, those are excellent questions, and I have some strong opinions about that! So I’ve written up this guide to long-termContinue reading “How to Plan Long-term Travel in Europe”

10 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

It’s Faraway Friday! Today I’ve got 10 reasons to put Amsterdam on your “to go” list. My sweet husband made yet another of my life-long travel dreams come true and whisked me away for a weekend at the Tulip Festival! Tulips are my #1 favorite flower, and a trip to Amsterdam is the best wayContinue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam”

Things to Know Before You Visit London

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Is London on your travel list? Whether you have just a weekend or a whole month to explore this world-renown capital city, there are a few things that may be handy to know before you go! Useful Information First things first: the basics! Currency: Pounds, or the GBP Language: British EnglishContinue reading “Things to Know Before You Visit London”

10 Reasons to Visit Vaduz

It’s Faraway Friday! This week it’s all about my new favorite tiny country: Liechtenstein! It’s been on my “must go” list for a while, but my sweet husband and I only recently went to visit for the first time. I highly recommend it to all travelers, and here are my top 10 reasons why youContinue reading “10 Reasons to Visit Vaduz”

One Day in Vaduz

Are you longing for old world charm, happy locals, Alpine views, and a real prince’s castle? Little Liechtenstein is the place for you! The capital is Vaduz, and there is plenty to keep you busy, especially if you’ve only got one day to see it all! Here is a quick, one-day itinerary so you canContinue reading “One Day in Vaduz”

What to Know Before You Visit Heidelberg

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m getting you in the know about what to expect before you visit Heidelberg, Germany. Or just Germany; a lot of this can transfer! Let’s get to it. Terminology Train station: Bahnhof Airport: Flughafen Bus: Bus Thank you: Danke Please and you’re welcome: Bitte Yes: Ja No: Nein Old Town: Altstadt Castle: Schloss General Information CashContinue reading “What to Know Before You Visit Heidelberg”

How to Get to Heidelberg, Germany

This Motivation Monday, I’m letting you in on a little secret that I hope empowers you: we all make mistakes when we travel! I’m telling you, this was not my first travel rodeo, but I totally botched my train tickets to and from Heidelberg! I wasted time and money, and today I’m telling you allContinue reading “How to Get to Heidelberg, Germany”