How to Respectfully Visit a Mosque

Updated April 2020. Have you ever visited a mosque? It can be kind of intimidating, especially for women, if you’ve never been in one before. So that’s why I decided to write up a quick guide of do’s and don’t’s so you won’t have to miss out on this cultural and spiritual experience on yourContinue reading “How to Respectfully Visit a Mosque”

What to Eat in Qatar: Snacks and Sweets

Updated April 2020. If you’ve been following along with me on my world-wide adventures, you might notice a pattern… My strongest tooth is my sweet tooth! My trip to Qatar was tons of fun and absolutely flavorful. There wasn’t much room for dessert after such large meals (check out my Qatar Page for all theContinue reading “What to Eat in Qatar: Snacks and Sweets”

What to Eat in Qatar: Supper

Updated April 2020. Hungry? Visit Qatar at suppertime! Everything I ate in Qatar was flavorful and filling, and a meal with my Qatari family and friends was just the way I wanted to end each day. Whether we were eating on the floor or at an elaborate party, we were eating well! Upon Arrival WeContinue reading “What to Eat in Qatar: Supper”

Solo Travel: Doha, Qatar

Updated April 2020. It’s true, I set out solo to Doha, Qatar! It’s also true that I stayed with family friends who are from there. But after visiting, I can definitely recommend Qatar as a destination for solo female travelers. This post is your guide to taking on the most open Middle Eastern country—citizens ofContinue reading “Solo Travel: Doha, Qatar”

How to Ride a Camel (and other Qatari Adventures)

Updated April 2020. My time in Qatar was full of adventures—Arabian nights, learning to haggle, eating pigeon, riding the sand dunes, and even swimming in the Arabian Gulf at sunrise! With so much fun and so many exciting excursions, this post is all about the adventures! How to Ride a Camel When I visited Qatar,Continue reading “How to Ride a Camel (and other Qatari Adventures)”

What to Eat in Qatar: Lunch

Updated April 2020. I had the best food in Doha at the Assaf home. My friend Sharifa’s mom makes the most flavorful, freshest, most delicious food, and I got to watch her make parts of it, too! So here it is, this is what I ate for lunch in Qatar. Fish Heads You may haveContinue reading “What to Eat in Qatar: Lunch”

What to Eat: Qatar Airways Business Class

This What I Ate Wednesday is coming at you from the skies! My experience on Qatar Airways was definitely one to remember, and one reason why is the food. Choosing Meals Qatar Airways offers a perk I’ve never heard of before: the ability to choose your meal preference up to two weeks before departure! ThereContinue reading “What to Eat: Qatar Airways Business Class”

Staying with a Qatari Family

Updated April 2020. If you followed along on Facebook and Instagram last month, you know I spent a week with family friends in Doha, Qatar. It was a unique experience because it’s one thing to travel to a new place, something else to travel to a new place solo, and yet another to actually liveContinue reading “Staying with a Qatari Family”

What to Eat in Qatar: Breakfast

Updated April 2020. Okay, so I ate a LOT of incredible food in Qatar! So much, in fact, that I decided to break down my usual “What I Ate” blog post into five: Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and Snacks and Sweets! There were just too many pictures and descriptions to fit into one blog post,Continue reading “What to Eat in Qatar: Breakfast”

Qatar Airways Lounge, DOH

Updated April 2020. My trip to Doha on Qatar Airways was definitely one to remember, and the experience was only enhanced by their world-class lounge at Hammad International Airport (DOH)! So I decided to give you a sneak peek—even in the shower! The lounge is announcement-free, which is nice for resting purposes, but that meansContinue reading “Qatar Airways Lounge, DOH”