Travel Fear: I Can’t

Happy October, one and all! I’m starting a new series in preparation for one of my most favorite holidays: Halloween! This series is all about travel fears. People have all sorts of “reasons” (ahem, excuses) not to travel. We’ll be exploring these travel fears and debunk them! For our first “Spooky Saturday” post, let’s start withContinue reading “Travel Fear: I Can’t”

What to Eat in London

British food in general has had a reputation for being a bit bland, but in recent years, British pubs have been popping up all over the place in the States! PBS’s Downton Abbey has brought up a resurgence of tea time and grand parties as well. Here’s a look at our quick weekend getaway menu from jolly old London!

What to Eat on the Plane: Austrian Air Business

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This time around I’m writing about what was quite possibly the best flight I’ve ever experienced. There we were, Steve and I, waiting in the Thai Airways lounge, eating food, enjoying some comfortable(ish) seats before our 11 hour and 55 minute overnight flight from Bangkok, Thailand, to Vienna, Austria. YouContinue reading “What to Eat on the Plane: Austrian Air Business”

10 Trips for Couples

Ah, love! It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? And for a traveler, it’s even better if the one you love wants to travel with you! My husband and I met while traveling with mutual friends, and now we’re that annoying couple who never spends too much time together. Here are my topContinue reading “10 Trips for Couples”

Hong Kong: Don’t Make Our Mistakes

Originally published on 29 November 2015. Yes indeed, we did Hong Kong in one day, my friends! I’ll admit it was one of the least efficient trips we’ve taken, so read on to avoid our mistakes on your own whirlwind trip to Hong Kong! So first, let’s get there! First flight: IAD (Washington-Dulles International Airport)Continue reading “Hong Kong: Don’t Make Our Mistakes”

Monterey Birthday Extravaganza

Originally published on 28 August 2015. Just when you thought Steve and I were going to be hanging up our traveling gear for a while, we packed it all up again! This time we took a domestic trip to beautiful Monterey, California! My friend Valarie’s birthday is the day after mine, so we like toContinue reading “Monterey Birthday Extravaganza”

What Happened in Vegas… Revealed!

Originally published on 23 January 2016. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, that just isn’t true if you’re a travel blogger! And even more true if you’re a first-timer. My husband Steve had a week-long business trip in Denver the week before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so we decided to takeContinue reading “What Happened in Vegas… Revealed!”

Radiant Riga

Second stop on our Baltic getaway: Riga, Latvia! Riga is the largest city not only in Latvia, but also in all of the Baltics. It also boasts the most impressive collection of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. Having just come from Vilnius, I found Riga to be a bit intimidating. How would we everContinue reading “Radiant Riga”

So, What are the Baltics?

Each year, Steve and I take 10-14 days in August to explore a new and faraway land neither of us has visited before. This year, it’s the Baltic States! Several people I’ve spoken with have been confused about the Baltics versus the Balkins, so I thought I’d shed some light on this former portion of the Soviet Union that sees so few American visitors!