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5 Trips for Positive Vibes

Hopefully every trip you take leaves you feeling exhilarated, accomplished, and longing for more experiences just like it! But sometimes the world we live in can seem discouraging, rude, and downright mean in the age of Internet “anonymity” and out-of-control newsmedia. The negativity really gets to me sometimes, and travel is certainly a way of… Continue reading 5 Trips for Positive Vibes

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10 Reasons to Visit Siem Reap

It’s usually bad when things get ruined. Usually, but not every time. Not in Siem Reap, Cambodia! Angkor Wat, the largest religious complex in the world, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places I’ve ever visited, and for this Faraway Friday, I’m sharing 10 of my best photos with you in hopes of… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Siem Reap

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What to Eat in Cambodia

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re remembering Cambodian cuisine! Breakfast:  Let me just say I LOVE Asian breakfasts! Cambodia has some French influence, so it was a delightful surprise to find bread and croissants as part of our breakfast, along with juice and coffee. But the best part was the noodles with chicken!… Continue reading What to Eat in Cambodia

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Elephants and Tuk-tuks

Another day in Cambodia, another day of amazing temples! Today’s favorite temple featured one of the most adorable animals on the planet: elephants! I never did see a real one in Cambodia, but the pretend ones were a bit more manageable anyway. Despite it being the rainy season, the day started out bright and beautiful!… Continue reading Elephants and Tuk-tuks

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Adventures in Angkor

What’s the most impressive place you’ve ever been? The pyramids of Egypt? The Na Pali Coast on Kauai? For me, it is the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The massive scale and incredibly detailed stonework from 1000 years ago were truly amazing! Take a look: I’ve been excited about this trip for months… Continue reading Adventures in Angkor