What I Wish I Knew Before My Trip to Disneyland

If you’ve been following Quick Whit Travel on Facebook and Instagram, you know we took advantage of a three-day weekend to visit the Happiest Place on Earth—Disneyland! I did what I thought was quite a bit of research beforehand, such as reading other blogs, Pinteresting things to do, see, and eat, and even calling the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa to ask questions! I found out a lot of things I was glad to know!

The Best Tips to Know Before You Visit Disneyland

If you’ve been following Quick Whit Travel on Facebook and Instagram lately, you know that we just got back from our first ever visit to Disneyland! I did a LOT of research beforehand, but some things you just can’t know until you get there. But, to make your research easier, here are the top things I’m glad I found out about before we left for Disney! (And also be sure to check out the things I wish I knew before going!)

Is Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth?

Have you been to Disneyland? Did you find it to be the “happiest place on Earth?” Well, my husband Steve and I just completed our first ever trip there for the weekend, and I was determined to find out why—and if—this really could be the happiest place on Earth! Here are my top 10 reasons why it just might be true!

Monterey Birthday Extravaganza

Originally published on 28 August 2015. Just when you thought Steve and I were going to be hanging up our traveling gear for a while, we packed it all up again! This time we took a domestic trip to beautiful Monterey, California! My friend Valarie’s birthday is the day after mine, so we like toContinue reading “Monterey Birthday Extravaganza”

Santa Barbara

Originally published 5 February 2014. Off to Santa Barbara we go! After a beautiful run with my gal Val in her cute town of Camarillo, we set out for another Californian adventure! Her Steve told us about an authentic Spanish food stand in Santa Barbara, so that’s where we luncheoned. The Spanish settled California first, so that’sContinue reading “Santa Barbara”

Snow White and the City of Angels

Originally published on 30 January 2014. What do a couple of girlfriends get into on a day trip to Hollywood? Come along and find out. Off we go to Los Angeles! First stop: Hollywood Boulevard! We definitely got stars in our eyes heading down the Walk of Fame. Namely Snow White, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astair, HumphreyContinue reading “Snow White and the City of Angels”

The Blowhole

Originally published 28 January 2014. Hello, All! As you may know, I just got engaged last month, and so did my best friend Valarie! So what better thing to do than have a little bachelorette excursion to visit her in Southern California! The morning came early at about 5:00am. I drove to my fiancee’s house becauseContinue reading “The Blowhole”