Bonus Day in Paradise

Originally published 11 May 2016. Happy Monday! That’s how Steve and I felt last Monday in O’ahu! I think we were starting to get over the jet lag a little more than anticipated (or wanted, truth be told!), but we still rose just before the sun and got ourselves going. We ran together for aContinue reading “Bonus Day in Paradise”

Everything’s Aloha!

Originally published on 10 May 2015. Happy anniversary to us! Our first anniversary fell on Saturday, May 2. Our second first anniversary fell on Sunday, May 3. Yes, we had two weddings. It was complicated. But I got to marry my best friend twice in a row! We woke up early again and enjoyed aContinue reading “Everything’s Aloha!”

Unplugging for Love

Originally published on 8 May 2015. Aloha, my faithful readers! After a 9-month long blogging break, I’m back and ready to bring you with me! Steve and I chose the beautiful island of O’ahu as a celebratory destination for our first anniversary. Steve had been before, but I had not. I wanted to see Waikiki,Continue reading “Unplugging for Love”