Nashville for History Lovers

In the 11 years since I left my home state of Tennessee, Nashville has become the place to go! When I moved away after college at the lowest point of the Great Recession, I never dreamt that Nashville would make such a comeback, but I’m proud that it has! From the Predators making it to… Continue reading Nashville for History Lovers


The Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

It’s no secret that Steve and I LOVE Hawaii! It’s paradise, it’s beautiful, it’s “trip of a lifetime” material! So of course you’ll want to take a little something home to remember your trip and maybe take you back for a moment when you need a little sunshine in your everyday life. So I decided… Continue reading The Best Hawaiian Souvenirs

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Solo Travel: Charleston, SC

Sometimes you just gotta go solo! I’ll be honest, I always prefer to travel with my husband. We really like each other, and he’s the best travel buddy! But when work makes him go on a business trip, I take the opportunity to have my own business trip—solo! Earlier this spring, he had a trip… Continue reading Solo Travel: Charleston, SC


How to Mail a Coconut from Hawaii

Everyone loves real mail! In the 90’s, snail mail was super boring; we all wanted an e-mail! Then e-mails became bothersome—so much junk mail! So snail mail made a bit of a comeback. The appeal is in that personal touch, you know? But what’s better than a post card or a traditional letter (and way… Continue reading How to Mail a Coconut from Hawaii


How to Spend 4 Perfect Days in Verona, Italy

Planning a trip to legendary Italy? Do not skip beautiful and Romantic Verona! Many people only come here for a day trip from other nearby cities, but I definitely recommend spend two, three, or even four days exploring this lovely city! Because it’s less “touisty,” you will get a more local experience than you would… Continue reading How to Spend 4 Perfect Days in Verona, Italy


What to Expect Flying in a Tiny Plane

Sometimes your only option is to fly, and often, the only flight available is on a tiny plane. Lots of people I know have expressed great fear for me and utter horror that I would step on such a small aircraft! “How does it fly!?” they exclaim! Trust me, they fly—and actually, they’re pretty great!… Continue reading What to Expect Flying in a Tiny Plane


Staying at the Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki

If you’ve ever been to Waikiki, you’ve definitely seen “the Pink Hotel,” which is the Royal Hawaiian! It’s one of the oldest resorts in the world, and of course one of the first in Hawaii. Steve suggested we should stay here for our 5th anniversary, and it was really something special! *This is not a… Continue reading Staying at the Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki

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What to Eat on Molokai, Hawaii

Today’s the day… it’s all about the food! Our recent anniversary trip to Molokai was amazing, largely due to the truly authentic Hawaiian food! Molokai is said to be the “most Hawaiian” island, so it stands to reason that this is the place to get the “most Hawaiian” food. Service was friendly everywhere we went,… Continue reading What to Eat on Molokai, Hawaii


What to Know Before You Visit Molokai

Never heard of Molokai? You’re not alone! It’s one of the lesser-known and less-visited Hawaiian Islands, though people do actually live here! It’s called “The Friendly Isle,” and because it’s relatively untouched by the same tourism as the other islands, it’s also called the “most Hawaiian” island. Another side effect of it being less-visited: there… Continue reading What to Know Before You Visit Molokai


10 Things to Do in Cardiff, Wales

So you’re heading to Cardiff. I’m so happy for you! I really enjoyed my time there, and I hope you do, too! The people are so kind, and I love that all signage is in both English and Welsh! Here is my quick list of the top things to do while you’re there. 10. Go… Continue reading 10 Things to Do in Cardiff, Wales