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Kid Friendly D.C.

It’s Motivation Monday! I do not have kids, but I have tons of friends who do. D.C. is a hot spot for school trips, family “edu-vacations,” and young families who move to the area for jobs. As a result, there are tons of things for kids to do! If you’re planning a trip to D.C.… Continue reading Kid Friendly D.C.

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10 Reasons to Visit Japan

This Faraway Friday is where it all began for me–Japan! This was my first solo trip and my first trip across an ocean. I might have been too young and dumb to be scared because I was just too excited to feel anything else! I hope if you choose to visit this beautiful, friendly country,… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Japan

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Hershey Hill Climb and Fancy Cars

Originally published in June 2012. I experienced something over the weekend that I never knew existed. It was part soapbox race, part antique car show, part blast from the past. It’s the Hershey Hill Climb, and apparently it’s been happening for years–but I only just found out about it! Older gentlemen who own antique race… Continue reading Hershey Hill Climb and Fancy Cars

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History and Chocolate: a Winning Combination

This week’s What I Ate Wednesday is a little different–it’s all about America’s Cholocate Destination: Hershey, PA! This was originally published in June 2012. I had an amazing job with a marketing firm that summer, and they sent me to Pennsylvania for several events. My first trip that summer was to Herskey, PA, and let… Continue reading History and Chocolate: a Winning Combination

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A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

This Travel Tip Tuesday I am giving you all the information you need on the ins and outs of Uber. I’ve taken Uber a lot this year since my husband and I have been sharing a car, and sometimes it’s just the most economical option. If you’ve never taken it before, or even if you… Continue reading A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

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Free Things To Do in D.C.

Washington, D.C., is known for its history, monuments, and, of course, politics. But when I moved here right out of college, I was delighted to find that so many things to do here are totally FREE! Here’s my list of the top free things to do in my adopted hometown! 10. Museums So many of… Continue reading Free Things To Do in D.C.

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10 Reasons to Island Hop the Caribbean

It’s Faraway Friday! The last several Throwback Thursdays on the blog have been all about the Caribbean, so this Friday post has to be all about these beautiful islands! I scheduled these posts several weeks ago, before Harvey, Irma, or Maria ever blew in. These gorgeous islands depend on tourism in a tremendous way, so… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Island Hop the Caribbean

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Caribbean Cruisin’ on St. Kitts & Nevis

Originally published in September 2009. For more about my Caribbean Cruise Adventure, check out my Caribbean page! September 26: St. Kitts–The loveliest surprise of the week! This is the ONLY place we went that rivals St. John in beauty and seclusion! It’s the smallest of the islands we went to–35,000 people, and 50,000 “green velvet”… Continue reading Caribbean Cruisin’ on St. Kitts & Nevis

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How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

This Wanderlust Wednesday is very special to me. I’ve been blogging over 11 years now, but only this past year and a half have I been publishing regularly and changing some of my writing goals. In the learning and growing process, blogging has changed the way I travel–and I think I’m a better traveler for… Continue reading How Blogging Changed the Way I Travel

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Surviving Rainy Day Travels

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, my friends! On my recent trip to Block Island, half of my days there were rainy, and it started raining again as I was Ubering from Point Judith to the Providence Airport! I have never found a way to truly appreciate cloudy or rainy days when I’m traveling, since I always… Continue reading Surviving Rainy Day Travels