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Is Solo Travel Selfish?

This Travel Tip Tuesday, We’re taking on an issue that lots of travelers–and those who love us–face from people in our lives. Are travelers, especially solo travelers, just selfish? I believe solo travelers are wise, confident, organized, responsible, and believe it or not, they tend to be less selfish and more thoughtful than your regular person.… Continue reading Is Solo Travel Selfish?

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Pickpocket Tricks of the Trade

Last week we looked at how we can avoid pickpockets and avoid looking like a target. This week it’s all about knowing their tricks so you know what to look for. 1. The Drive-by I read a blog once about a Canadian girl who was walking along a busy street in Vietnam (a distracting feat… Continue reading Pickpocket Tricks of the Trade

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How to Outsmart the Pickpocket

Pickpockets are a fact of travel. They prey on travelers and tourists alike, and while they may work in teams or on their own, it only takes one pickpocket experience to ruin your whole trip. But never fear! I’m here to give you some tips on how exactly to outsmart that pickpocket. This week we’re… Continue reading How to Outsmart the Pickpocket

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The Ladies’ Guide to Traveling Solo

Originally published 30 January 2016. Recently I had the opportunity to do a segment on a local talk show called Let’s Talk Live! to discuss traveling solo! I was so excited, and it prompted me to write this post for women in particular who want to travel solo, but are maybe a little unsure about just going for… Continue reading The Ladies’ Guide to Traveling Solo

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Travel Fear: Personal Safety

It’s Fearless Friday! One of the concerns I hear most from people (especially because I’m a woman who often travels solo) is concern for my personal safety. This goes for both women and men, though. Here are a few tips for staying safe no matter where you are, and why you really shouldn’t be worried.  1.… Continue reading Travel Fear: Personal Safety

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Why it’s OK to be a Tourist

As a travel blogger, I try to read other travel blogs to keep up-to-date and perhaps find some travel tips I’ve never thought of before. But lately I’ve been read more articles that “tourist shame” the less experienced or those who opt for comfortable walking shoes instead of the “cool” shoes that travelers wear. (By… Continue reading Why it’s OK to be a Tourist

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A Traveler’s Reflections on 9/11

I’ve grown up in two worlds. In September 2001, I was 16 years old. The 11th was a Tuesday, and my friend Cary had just turned around in his chair to ask me for a piece of paper, as usual. It was just after 8:00am in middle Tennessee, and first period Spanish was just coming… Continue reading A Traveler’s Reflections on 9/11

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5 Things that Happen to Travelers

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Let’s be practical for a minute. We all know I LOVE to travel, but I’ll be completely honest, there are some uncomfortable and less than convenient parts to traveling. Travel is awesome, fulfilling, and I would not trade my travels for almost anything, but here are some things to remember when… Continue reading 5 Things that Happen to Travelers

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5 Reasons to Travel with Others

Originally published 17 December 2015. In my last post I wrote about the awesomeness of traveling on your own, but there are some definite benefits of traveling with other people, too. This post is dedicated to the joys of sharing travel experiences with friends and family! 1. There is Always Someone to Watch Your Bags This… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Travel with Others

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5 Reasons to Travel Solo

Originally published 9 December 2015. This post got me a spot on a local news channel! See the interview here: Tips for Traveling Solo in 2016! I don’t mind striking out on my own anywhere in the world. Notice I said “on my own” and not “alone.” No one is ever truly alone when they travel,… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Travel Solo