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How to Tour the Treasury Department

It’s Museum Monday! Today I’m letting you in on a well-kept secret. You can visit the Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C.! Who knew, right? I’ve lived here nearly 10 years, and I never knew until just recently that this was available. It does take a bit of planning and legwork on your part,… Continue reading How to Tour the Treasury Department

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Flight Finding Tools

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I get lots of questions from friends about how to find great deals on flights. The truth is, it’s a very volatile market! Prices change rapidly and unexpectedly, and there are so many things to consider: convenience, layover time, airline loyalty, getting or giving up the opportunity to choose your seat,… Continue reading Flight Finding Tools

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A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

This Travel Tip Tuesday I am giving you all the information you need on the ins and outs of Uber. I’ve taken Uber a lot this year since my husband and I have been sharing a car, and sometimes it’s just the most economical option. If you’ve never taken it before, or even if you… Continue reading A Traveler’s Guide to Uber

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Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations

Finding accommodations is my least favorite part of planning travel. Do you agree? This Travel Tip Tuesday is for you! Accommodations are expensive, hit-or-miss, and a little bit like house hunting–location, location, location! Well, stop muddling through accommodations websites and follow these guidelines to find your best sleeping solution when traveling. What Do You Want… Continue reading Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations

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Can I Use the US Dollar Abroad?

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, but first I’ll caution you not to assume you can use the US Dollar just anywhere. What would you do if someone came to you and tried to pay for something with Russian Rubles? Or Euros? Or Australian Dollars? You’d look at… Continue reading Can I Use the US Dollar Abroad?

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It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week we’re talking about why math is so important for travelers. I am NOT a mathematically-minded person. I’m a wordsmith who can write cycles around rocket scientists (and has), but it takes me more than a few minutes to figure out mathematical problems. Thankfully my husband is a numbers-loving engineer!… Continue reading Math+Travel=Success

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Strategic Splurging

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, and this week we are talking about splurges. I am all for saving money where you can and finding a great flight and hotel deal, but occasionally, a splurge can be well worth the extra cost. Buying into Business Class Luckily for those with airline loyalty status, free upgrades to business… Continue reading Strategic Splurging

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Benefits of Airline Loyalty

Are you loyal to a specific airline or airline alliance? Is it always best to go with the cheapest ticket on the cheapest flight? I think it depends, but here are some reasons airline loyalty may be worth looking into! Everyone’s travel needs are different, but these are some of my husband’s and my favorite… Continue reading Benefits of Airline Loyalty

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Travel Fear: Too Expensive

It’s Fearless Friday! Today we’re eradicating another travel fear: “travel is too expensive.” Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s why:  1. No one else sets your budget. You decide what you’re comfortable with and how much or how little you want to spend, and there are options for even the smallest budget. There’s Couch… Continue reading Travel Fear: Too Expensive

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Budget Blunders

So you think you found a great deal! You’re excited for your trip and you just can’t wait to get going… until you discover hidden fees, unexpected costs, and the realization that “close to town” means a 3-mile hike. Maybe an extra $5 for accommodations a couple of miles closer would have been worth your while.… Continue reading Budget Blunders