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What To Do When You Lose Your Passport

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week it’s all about expecting the unexpected and preparing for the one of the worst possible travel scenarios: losing your passport. Not even the most responsible person is immune to human error and the unexpected. Some things can’t be avoided, and sometimes accidents happen. If you’ve been following the blog… Continue reading What To Do When You Lose Your Passport

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How to Get an Impossible Visa

Think you can’t visit the country you want because you’re not allowed to get the visa? Don’t give up hope! The recent ban on visas for Turkish and American citizens, which was recently lifted, had a lot of people scrambling to find a way to get the visa they wanted so desperately. In fact, some… Continue reading How to Get an Impossible Visa

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Your How-to Guide to Passports

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! You know I’m a light packer, but truthfully, there is only one thing you truly cannot travel without: your passport. But do you know all the rules and regulations? Here is some important information and some pro tips so you can make the most of your passport–and never find yourself without one!… Continue reading Your How-to Guide to Passports

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How to Get a Tourist Visa

So you’re wondering how to go about getting a tourist visa. Do you need one? How soon should I start the process? Do I seriously have to send my passport? It can all be a bit murky and a little confusing, so here’s a brief guide based on some lessons learned by yours truly. This is […]