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DC in Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and here in DC, we’re so ready for it! DC really comes to life in the summer time. Between Independence Day, daylight until 9:00pm and beyond, and baseball games, summertime really makes the District come to life. Check out my top 10 list of things to do in DC… Continue reading DC in Summer

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Spring in DC

Spring is springing early, and it’s a beautiful time to be in Washington, DC! It’s also the most popular tourism time because of the many many MANY school trips that happen between March and June each year. So if you find yourself planning a trip to DC this spring (or tagging along with your kid!), here… Continue reading Spring in DC

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What I Ate in DC

It’s What I Ate Wednesday AND Inauguration Week in DC! In honor of the great influx of people who will be in town for the inauguration and those who will be moving in with the changes of administration, here’s a rundown of the infamous foods and food experiences in DC! Breakfast A trip to DC… Continue reading What I Ate in DC

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DC’s Metro System: A Guide

This Travel Tip Tuesday is dedicated to the movers and shakers who just moved and shook themselves to DC! Whether you’ve come for the inauguration, a job, or just to visit, here is your ultimate guide to navigating DC’s Metro System!  1. It’s not the Subway, it’s “The Metro,” or simply “Metro.  Seriously, you’ll be… Continue reading DC’s Metro System: A Guide

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Winter in DC

Today is the winter solstice, and winter is a beautiful time to be in Washington, DC! Contrary to many other cities in winter time, DC can be very sunny all day long. It’s hard to feel gloomy when the sun is shining! A few weeks ago I wrote about DC at Christmastime, but for a few more ideas… Continue reading Winter in DC

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Christmas in DC

Thanksgiving is finished, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, and DC is in the Christmas mood! I absolutely LOVE Christmas in DC. It’s a magical time of year, and it is my favorite time of year to call DC my home. Check out all the fun things to do here in no particular order:… Continue reading Christmas in DC

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7 Day Trips from DC

Hello, my friends! This week’s post will explore some fun day trips from my current hometown–Washington, DC! If you’re ever in the area, or if you live here, you may want to check some of these out! I’ve listed one for each day of the week. We’ll start at the closest destination and work our… Continue reading 7 Day Trips from DC