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Biking Block Island

This Throwback Thursday post is all about my latest trip to a true “throwback” destination: Block Island, Rhode Island! Why is it a true throwback? Because it’s stuck in the past in the best possible way. The architecture is adorable, people are friendly and helpful, and best of all, you can see all 10 square… Continue reading Biking Block Island

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Exploring Nantucket by Land and by Sea

It’s Motivation Monday! If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you know I spent a few days in Nantucket last week. It was my first time there, and I wanted to cover as much ground as possible, so I booked a couple of tours and got excited to explore the island both by… Continue reading Exploring Nantucket by Land and by Sea

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Rental Cars: A Traveler’s Guide

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week I’m addressing my least favorite travel detail: rental cars. I do not like to drive, I’m not a fan of road trips, and I’d rather just be able to walk everywhere we go, but sometimes that’s just not practical! Often times, I’ve found especially on islands, a car is… Continue reading Rental Cars: A Traveler’s Guide

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Road Tripping Hawaii’s Big Island

Islands are typically small enough to drive around in less than a day. That’s why Steve and I like them for anniversary trips–there’s only so far you can go, so it’s an inherently relaxing place to be. Not so for Hawaii’s Big Island! This trip took a little more planning because there is just more… Continue reading Road Tripping Hawaii’s Big Island

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DC’s Metro System: A Guide

This Travel Tip Tuesday is dedicated to the movers and shakers who just moved and shook themselves to DC! Whether you’ve come for the inauguration, a job, or just to visit, here is your ultimate guide to navigating DC’s Metro System!  1. It’s not the Subway, it’s “The Metro,” or simply “Metro.  Seriously, you’ll be… Continue reading DC’s Metro System: A Guide

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How to Read a Map

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday, everyone! This week’s tip involves something near and dear to my heart: map reading! Sound boring? Think you can use your phone’s maps anywhere in the world so why bother? Prefer to wing it? Think taking a map out makes you look like a target? Well, think about these scenarios. Sometimes… Continue reading How to Read a Map

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How To Road Trip

Who’s up for a road trip? We are! My husband Steve and I have a unique opportunity to travel a bit this month. We don’t need to accrue any more money or mileage for next year’s airline status, so we decided to take a road trip from Washington, DC, to Jacksonville, FL, to visit Steve’s… Continue reading How To Road Trip

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Bussing the Baltics!

Today, my friends, we’re talking about taking the bus. No, I’m not getting reminiscent of my elementary school days, I’m talking about grownup bus travel not only between cities, but between countries! On our recent trip to the Baltic States, Steve and I decided that taking the Lux Express buses between Vilnius and Riga, then… Continue reading Bussing the Baltics!

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Night Train to Bratislava!

Originally published 12 May 2012. So, we don’t really use trains very much in the States. Where I grew up, trains were Thomas the Tank Engine and something people used in the 1800s to get across the country—not something people use as an alternative to driving or flying! I’ve ridden trains before in Japan and… Continue reading Night Train to Bratislava!