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How to Plan Long-term Travel in Europe

I got a question from a fellow female traveler recently about how to manage traveling in Europe for four months. Or should she spend two months in Europe and two months in Southeast Asia? Well, those are excellent questions, and I have some strong opinions about that! So I’ve written up this guide to long-term… Continue reading How to Plan Long-term Travel in Europe

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What Women Pack for Winter in Europe

It’s the dream! Winter in Europe is full of snowy mountain villages, Christmas markets, world-class ski and winter sports resorts, and in some countries… reindeer! But packing winter clothes can be a challenge. So here’s your quick guide to a packable, carry-on only, winter wardrobe that will allow you to enjoy fairytale-Europe at its most… Continue reading What Women Pack for Winter in Europe

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Last Day in Prague!

Hooray for sleeping in a big, comfy bed! ! We all decided to meet for breakfast at 8:30 and be ready to leave for the day at 9:30, and it actually worked out that way! I actually got up to the lounge early so I could blog and do my Trip Advisor reviewing before everyone else… Continue reading Last Day in Prague!

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Running Around Prague: Boys vs. Girls

And now comes race day for the boys! We had decided to meet in the lobby and leave by 8:30. The race started at 9:00, and we wanted to see the boys off. We got breakfast upstairs in the executive lounge (I have swanky friends!) as we got up and moving around—and I don’t just… Continue reading Running Around Prague: Boys vs. Girls

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Lost in Prague!

After another Bratislava breakfast of sheep’s cheese toast and coffee at Shtoor, I headed back to the hostel for my luggage and walked to the train station. The people in the train station were much more helpful in Slovakia than in the other train stations I’d passed through during this trip, so I had no problem finding my… Continue reading Lost in Prague!