Workout with One Piece of Equipment: 26-minute One Step HIIT

You might be surprised how much you can do with just one step! You don’t even need a whole staircase, folks, just a single step or a low ledge. This is a HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) workout, so you’ll definitely be getting in your cardio work! I love this as a cross-training alternative to running. You could also pair this with another HIIT workout (which you can find on my Health and Wellness Page), or add it on to a strength workout as a finisher!

*Note: I am not a health or fitness professional. Please consult your doctor before starting a new workout regime.


We’ll do each move for 20 seconds, then have a low-intensity break for 10 seconds. We’ll do each circuit of exercises three times, then do a 45-second plank or wall-sit: you choose! Use a HIIT or Tabata timer so you’re not constantly watching a clock. I use the app called Interval Timer for iPhone, and it’s also available for Android.

This is what this HIIT timer looks like!

The Moves

Set 1

  • Fast Feet
  • Right step-up to knee-drive
  • Left step-up to knee-drive
Repeat 3x

Set 2

  • Box Hops
  • Right lateral step-up to knee-drive
  • Left lateral step-up to knee-drive
Repeat 3x

Set 3

  • Incline push-ups
  • Right step-up to hop
  • Left step-up to hop
Repeat 3x

Set 4

  • Incline mountain climbers
  • Lateral step-up to hop
  • Lateral step-up to hop
Repeat 3x

Set 5

  • Tricep dip
  • Right reverse decline lunge
  • Left reverse decline lunge
Repeat 3x

Follow Along Video

One Step HIIT

Want more workouts like this? Check out my Health and Wellness Page!

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