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Originally published on 31 December 2007. I went to Alaska for a week after my college graduation. Alaska in December? You bet!

Hello from Tennessee! I’m home now, but I wanted to tell you all about my last day in Alaska. It was just as fun-filled as the rest! It started with homemade mochas, and we headed to Anchorage as soon as I got all my stuff packed for my flight that night. I marveled one last time at all those mountains. The sun finally came out over Pioneer Peak–the mountain outside Kristie’s window.

Sunrise over Mount Pioneer!

Once we got to Anchorage, we took care of first things first… Souvenir shopping. I made a friend!

Me and Mr. Moose! 

And a bear friend, too:


They took me to this chocolate place called the Alaska Wild Berry. Inside is the biggest chocolate fountain in the world! As soon as the door opened, before we’d even stepped inside, the smell of chocolate was enough to blow a person down! It smelled SO good! They also had jellies, jams, honey, as well as the regular souvenirs. We definitely tried out some samples, and they bought some chocolate covered things to take home. Mmmm! After our little chocolate snack, Shannon watched while Kristie and I went ice skating–I went ice skating in Alaska! I’ve not been ice skating (or any kind of skating) in at least four years, and I had a blast. I love going, so why have I not made a point to go skating? I’ll just have to do better in the future!

Chocolate Fountain!
Ice Skating!

Since we worked up such an appetite doing that, the chocolate didn’t sustain us, so we went to the Moose’s Tooth! Good thing we got hungry early, too, since the place was totally packed already! We got seated and ordered our food. Look at the cute plates:

It’s a moose! 

We had a good time talking about all we’d done in just five days. I was only there five days! It felt like a week or more, but I can honestly say I never got bored! The friends who introduced me to Shannon and Kristie have called ourselves “The Adventure Team,” and it has been a huge blessing for me. Who knew I could do this stuff and enjoy it? Climbing glaciers, flying planes, camping in the cold, skiing in the dark. That’s not me… except now I guess it is! It’s really amazing how God puts people in your life and puts you in situations at just the right time. If someone had told me even two months ago that I’d be spending the end of December in Alaska, I’d have never believed them. I’m such a weenie when it comes to cold, and I was there at the darkest time of the year, but I had the best time!

After supper Shannon and Kristie dropped me off and hugged me goodbye, telling me to call if there was a delay or something and they needed to come back. And then I started on my way home! The flights were thankfully uneventful, except for the moment when I discovered I’d accidentally erased all my Alaska pictures! (Safely recovered now–whew!) I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane, but I’m hoping to sleep well tonight! I’m going on 34 hours straight as I type!

Where to next? Stay tuned to find out! Sometimes I don’t even know where I’ll end up next!

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