What to Eat in D.C.: Part II

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! It’s true, I’ve already done a What I Ate in D.C. blog post, but my dad was in town recently, and his “Love Language” is the rare 6th one… Food! So we ate well on his visit, and I want to share it all with you! Here’s what we ate on his whirl-wind weekender to visit his only girl in D.C.!


My parents really like La Madeline, just up the street from my house. So that was the first stop!

Eggs Benedict on a croissant!

We also needed to make sure we tried the new Benjamin Bakery at the hotel in the Old Post Office in downtown D.C. Their French pastry chef wakes up early every morning to make sure everything is baked in time for the guests!

Raspberry and almond pastry
Daddy getting ready for a big bite!

It was maybe the best pastry I’ve ever had!

Next up: Ted’s Bulletin. Ted’s is a fun place to have any of your three meals! Their specialty is their pop tarts, but my dad likes a big breakfast to keep him full all day, so that’s what we got!

Eggs, sausage, hash browns, and cheese grits!
My hash browns, eggs, and French toast!


Because we got some hearty breakfasts, we didn’t always have lunch. But we did have an opportunity to enjoy lunch at BLT Prime downtown! They even gave my dad the popover recipe for him to make at home! We will probably be having them at Christmas!

Gruyere popovers!
Dad’s Seared Tuna on Salad
1/2 Chicken BLT with Broccoli

Due to a mysterious Metro problem on Monday morning, we had to skip our breakfast plans and go straight to our tour at the U.S. Capitol! Needless to say, we made up for that and found a place for a big lunch at Union Station.

Daddy with his Chicken Fajitas!
Bison Burger with Sweet Potato Fries!


My sweet husband and I don’t go out to eat all that often when we are not traveling. We prefer to eat at home and unwind together, but that made going out to supper with my dad all the more fun! The night he arrived, we went out to Clyde’s, which is a popular and long-lasting D.C.-based chain. You might notice something similar in this meal to the one above:

Bison Burger with Fixin’s and Fruit
Dad’s Reuben
Steve’s Bacon Cheeseburger

The next supper out was to a local favorite of mine: Founding Farmers. Their combination of down home-meets-modern flare is fun and filling! Check it out!

Bacon “Lollis”
Steve’s mushroom and sausage gnocchi
Scallop and butternut risotto
Dad’s beer-can chicken and veggies (and a grilled orange)

His last night in town, we went to a fancy seafood restaurant called Passion Fish because we all enjoy seafood!

Warm, buttered bread with smoked whitefish spread
Dad’s Dragon Roll
Dad’s grilled fish in white wine sauce and mushrooms
Two or my favorites: eel roll and sweet potato fries!
Steve’s Passion Fish roll and Caesar salad


The best part is always the dessert! My dad likes sweets, but he doesn’t like to end his meal with a sweet. But I do! Of course he took a couple of bites of each anyway.

Tuxedo Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream from Founding Farmers
Chocolate Bombe with Vanilla Anglaise at Passion Fish

Are you salivating for some of this D.C. fare yet? I recommend it! Want all my D.C. resources at your finger tips? Chec out my Washington, D.C. Page!

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