Caribbean Cruisin’ on Antigua

Originally published in September 2009. For more on my Caribbean Cruising adventure, check out my Caribbean page!

September 25: Antigua!

The island of 365 beaches! Have you ever seen a postcard from Antigua? It really looks like that! Crystal clear water, white sand, green mountains… spectacular! But first I have to tell on myself, as I sometimes like to do. So I bought a new bathing suit the night before. I didn’t like the way it tied in the back, so I decided to fix it. And ended up having a major wardrobe malfunction! lol. Luckily, we were there with THREE moms, so they helped me get all fixed up and repaired. Moms know how to fix everything.

Picture perfect

The beach we went to was on the Sandals resort property, so while it was pretty and clean, it was a bit crowded. But we saw our Kansas City friends again (the couple we’d met on Tuesday at breakfast), and it was nice to talk to them a little more. They seem to be very faithful Christians. They got married in their mid-30s and had two kids of their own, then adopted a little girl from China!

Anyway, Sara and I swam, soaked up some sun, read, talked, and just enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach! It was incredibly hot, though. Even I was hot, which never happens, so I know it had to be scorching! But the water was nice and cool! Perfect relief in perfect blue water. And I got LOTS of pictures of green palm trees against gorgeous blue skies! I love it. God has made so many beautiful things. He didn’t make every place like this. It’s very special.

Sun shining through
Gorgeous greenery!

I wish we’d gone to a less crowded beach, but everyone pretty much minded their own business. There were vendors trying to sell us stuff at first, but they left us alone once we told them we weren’t interested, which we appreciated! There was one man selling hand-carved wood statues on the beach, which was pretty cool. He and another man were carving part of the day, so it was interesting to see them working.

Wooden animals!

Also while we were there, we met the lead singer for the nightly shows on the ship! She has been working for various cruise lines and doing other performances for a long time, and she actually went to Howard University in D.C.! Small world. She and her shipmates work 9 months on the ship, then have 3 months off. Sounds like a nice set up to me! Maybe that’ll be my next career!

The shopping was really good on Antigua, too! Sara got a cute dress and matching jewelry. There were people on the streets playing steel drums and dancing while balancing things on their heads (a woman with a pineapple, for one!), and everything there is so brightly colored. I love it!

Greeted with a show!

That afternoon was really nice again, too. Sara and I cleaned up and went out to the upper deck to watch the sunset! It was the most beautiful I’d ever seen–all gold! We sat out on the deck again for a little while. The gentle rocking of the boat was really, really calming. The sounds of the ocean are wonderful. I slept REALLY well on the boat, which is a nice change for me! I almost fell asleep on the deck a couple of times!

Sunset from the ship.

We saved the best for last. Next time: St. Kitts!

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