Caribbean Cruisin’ on St. Lucia

Originally published in September 2009. If you want to know more about my Caribbean cruise experience, check out my Caribbean page!

September 24: St. Lucia!

This island was a far and away better experience than Barbados! Some friends of mine went here last year and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was. They were telling the truth!

The water at St. Lucia

Again we decided to go to a small, beautiful, off the beaten path, wonderful beach! We took our chances and got another cab. I think the ones who work for themselves are nicer than than ones hired by a tourism place. This driver was much nicer. He took us to a secluded, black and white sand beach where we laid out all day long! There was a restaurant there, and the owner was very kind. He showed us where the bathrooms were and said we could stay around his restaurant if we wanted. He didn’t even try to make us buy anything.

Not a bad view for the day!

The beach there was not quite as clean as some others (there were some tires washed on shore and someone’s pants that looked like they’d washed ashore from somewhere else), but it was still its own kind of beautiful! Sara and I both observed that the water felt smooth and warm. It was the perfect temperature, and the sand was soft on our toes! It was a peaceful place. That’s really the best way to describe it: Peaceful. Great for reading, talking, swimming, and napping. And taking artistic pictures:

Skies as beautiful as the sea.

We thought our original driver would come back to get us because he said he would, but he sent someone else–he could have just blown us off if he was rude like the Barbadian driver! After the Barbadian experience, we were cautious about going with someone else, but decided it would be just fine–he ended up calling our first cab driver so we would know he actually sent this other driver, and that made us feel better about it.  They were very nice about it and understanding of our concerns.

We made it back to the boat on time (after a bit of shopping!), and took our time showering and getting ready for dinner. I love a relaxing vacation! Meeting new people, seeing new places, eating new things–I love it! I’m really glad Sara and I got to go together, and that we had the opportunity to get to know the Andy, Cathy, Diane, and Suzy better. They’re a lot of fun! They’d all been on cruises before, so they helped us out with knowing what to expect throughout the cruise. Sometimes travel partners are pretty great!

Next time: Antigua!

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