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September 23: Barbados!

Well, Barbados is a pretty place, but I’m glad I don’t live there! I think the Andy, Cathy, Suzy, and Diane all had a good experience, but Sara and I did NOT! We went to the tourism center and got a cab to take us on a tour of the island, but it didn’t turn out as well as the one in Dominica.

The driver was rude. When I asked what he could tell us something about Barbados that not many people know, he told me to go look it up! He was also impatient. When Sara and I got out to take pictures and go to the bathroom, he drove the car around to the outbuilding and honked at us! And he didn’t want to give us all our change back so we could tip him, he wanted all the change for his tip! He didn’t stop at all the places we were told we’d be going, and instead of dropping us off at the beach that was recommended to us by the tourism center, he left us at an unsafe, crowded beach where men yelled at and verbally harassed us!

We ran into a nice-looking restaurant on the beach and a very nice woman (we think she was the manager) told us how to get back to the boat and pointed us in the right direction. It was about a mile or so walk, but we were not about to get in another cab!

We went back to the tourism center and told the woman there about the experience. She called the driver right there and talked to him, but who knows if it made any difference. Barbados was very beautiful–the water was pretty and the sand was fine and white. We got to see a monkey, but it made us sad that he was chained up and clearly there for show. I can’t say as I have any desire to go back! The others loved it and saw a different side of the island, but Sara and I got back on the boat as soon as we could–way earlier than we had to.

Sara and I showered and took it easy for the afternoon. She took a nap and I sat out on the side deck as we undocked and went back out to sea, reading and writing in my journal. It was really nice to be offline and out of cell service. I definitely appreciate the real world (the offline world) a lot more than I would have otherwise. Sara joined me after a while, and we talked for a long time before we went for dinner.

Despite our negative experiences, here are a few pictures from the day:

The Beach
Historic Church
Plumeria flowers

Next stop: St. Lucia! Stay tuned!

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