Caribbean Cruisin’ on St. Thomas and St. John

Updated August 12, 2020.

Originally published in September 2009. For more on this Caribbean cruise trip, check out my Caribbean page!

September 21: St. Thomas and St. John!

What a beautiful day to spend in a beautiful place! Sara and I got off the boat pretty early and headed out to explore St. Thomas! We quickly decided, however, to take the ferry boat over to Trunk Bay on St. John. She’s been there before and had told me all about how breathtakingly beautiful it is. So we took a taxi to a place called Redhook, took the ferry to St. John, and took another taxi to Trunk Bay–and hour and a half one way, but WELL worth it!

St. Thomas
Red Hook
Scenic Taxi Ride!

The water was that same blue-green you see in travel brochures, commercials, and postcards. We tried to think of what to call that color… Electric blue? Perfect blue? Just perfect? If anything is magnificent, Trunk Bay is magnificent–the closest place to Heaven on Earth!

Proof I was there!
Trunk Bay!

Sara and I spent out time laying in the sun, playing in the water, and catching up on girl stuff. I’ve been having some trouble with my foot lately, but I was feeling good and decided to run on the beach a little bit, and it felt great! But all too soon, it was time to find a taxi and head back to our boat. On the way, we stopped at a little roadside store and found some unique island treats!

Island jams and jellies

Speaking of taxis, Caribbean taxis are not the yellow cars we think of in the States. Their taxis are just whatever they have–a pickup truck with covered seats in the back, 15-passenger vans, SUVs, etc. Small differences like that are what make traveling to new places even more interesting to me! On the way back to St. Thomas and the ship, we took the taxi back to the water taxi, the water taxi to Redhook, and a taxi from there to the boat!

By the time we got back to the boat in our room at the end of the day, we were very hungry. We’d eaten a big breakfast and taken some fruit with us, but we didn’t get to the room till close to 4:00. Lots of people told us that there’d be food all around us 24/7, but we couldn’t find any! They’d just closed the lunch line, so we scoured the boat for peanut butter to make a sandwich, and when we ordered room service as a last resort, it never came! Where was this non-stop food?! We finally found a place that was serving sushi (woo! Worth the wait for both Sara and me!), but that didn’t start till 5:00–so we were REALLY hungry by then! Now it’s funny to think how we searched the boat over, but at the time we were so frustrated and not thinking straight!

Now on to a positive food tale… We met up that night with Andy, Cathy, Suzy and Diane for dinner–which was excellent! It was the real deal… the waiter even put the cloth napkin in your lap for us! We had three courses every night, and the whole waitstaff put on a show, which even included dancing on some of the tables! I don’t remember everything we ate (and I didn’t take pictures of anything except the escargot, which I had for the first time!), but I DO remember the big deal everyone made about the signature dessert: Chocolate Melting Cake!


After dinner that night, we went to the evening show. It was supposed to be all about American culture, but to be honest, it was pretty… awful. The singing and dancing was great, and some of it was very tasteful and descriptive of America, but a lot of it was flashy and, well, distasteful. Raunchy even.

It was nearly midnight by the time we got to the room. I think we stayed up talking for a little while before going to sleep. We weren’t scheduled to dock in Dominica till 10:00 the next morning anyway. It was so fun to catch up with Sara and just have girl time after we’d both been burned this year. I think we both needed it! I normally like traveling alone, but this was perfect. It made me miss night time chats with my college roommate Amber!

Coming soon: Dominica, Barbados, and St. Lucia!

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