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It’s What I Ate Wednesday! And I can hear the cheesesteaks calling my name. A few years ago I had an awesome job that took me to Philly many times over the summer. I worked with a marketing company at a concert venue, so my days were spent exploring historic Philly! Be looking for some Philly throwback posts soon, but in the meantime, consider this your appetizer!

City Tavern

I loved my trips to Philly! Knowing it was home to Ben Franklin, Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, and the Nation’s capitol city before DC came on the scene, the history lover in me was giddy with anticipation every time I stepped on the train for my commute from DC. And what was my favorite food experience? The historic City Tavern–Philadelphia’s 18th century tavern of choice!

Place setting
Bread basket
Cobbler and ice cream–yum!


I went to Philly for the history, but most people go to Philly for the cheesesteak! Here’s a variety, and a peek at a secret ingredient.

Cheesesteak with lettuce and tomato
Jim’s Steaks
Secret ingredient: cheese whiz!
Make that a double with onion
Chocolate Cheesesteak!


The whole farm-to-table concept was really taking off when the summer I made Philly my unofficial second home, and I do love supporting local farm life! I found a great place called Farmicia and sampled their fare:

Veggies and grains–because after a cheesesteak, you need some healthy stuff!
Blueberry sorbet, fresh shortbread cookies, homemade vanilla ice cream


You know I’m a dessert girl! So when I happened to walk by this cute confectionary, I had to stop in! Check them out at Shane’s Candies. Much of the decor is original, and they make incredible candies!

Happy to be here!
Candies and original woodwork–be still my heart!

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8 thoughts on “What to Eat in Philadelphia

  1. Philly definitely continues to grow and expand as a foodie city, though it doesn’t forget it’s “cheesesteak” roots (I get mine with provolone and hot peppars). I agree with you that City Tavern is a great restaurant both for the food and the history. I have had a few great meals there and always seem to learn something new about history.

    1. Thank you! I loved going back and forth from DC to Philly in the summer of 2012 and tried to make the most of it! I have some upcoming Philly blog posts coming soon… starting next month!

  2. I had rabbit at City Tavern when I worked on 11th Street and Market in 2013. Awesome food all around.

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