Caribbean Cruisin’ on Puerto Rico

Originally posted in September 2009. That year, I went on a cruise with my best friend Sara–a cruise that was supposed to be my honeymoon! Some friends from church were going and told me about this great deal on a weeklong cruise in the Caribbean for just $500 per person. I had already paid for the trip for the both of us (red flag–I had to pay for the honeymoon!), and my best friend was in the middle of a messy divorce, so I asked her to go with me. We had a wonderful time exploring 8 islands in 7 days! Here’s how it all began…

Hey there all! I’m still doing great in D.C., but it was high time for another adventure… and so I chose the Caribbean! My friend Sara met up with me in San Juan, and we had a fabulous week of sunshine, beaches, rain forests, and oceans! We made 7 stops in 7 days and visited 8 islands–it was wonderful!

September 19-20: San Juan!

Sara and I played phone tag and hide-and-seek (meaning we had a hard time finding each other at the San Juan airport!), and made our way to the hotel, where we met up with four people from my church who also went on the cruise: Andy and Cathy, Suzy, and Diane. We all went to dinner at a Caribbean restaurant–yummy fish for us! The waitresses were all dressed in traditional clothing, and music was playing. Someone had a birthday, so all the waitstaff came out singing, which was also really fun to see!

Fish with rice in a spicy sauce
Singing and dancing!

That was Saturday. Sunday we went to a small church here in San Juan. Andy knew the preacher and his wife, so we wanted to go and support them while we were on the island. There was an English service, then class, then Spanish services! It was very interesting to participate in both.

Church in San Juan

After church we went to lunch, then made our way to the boat! Sara and I had fun getting lost and finding our way around the ship–it’s HUGE! We had a hard time finding our way around the whole week we were on it, but misadventures and all, it was cool to be on a cruise ship. We talked and caught up on each other’s lives (since we’ve been living in different states) and just had fun being excited to be there. We had to participate in a lifeboat demonstration, which was quite funny! Just imagine thousands of people in giant orange life jackets all trying to find the right deck to be on and the right place to stand… Safety first!

On the big boat!
Onboard shenanigans!

The coolest part of the night, though, was when we started moving! We could definitely tell the boat was rocking gently, but it was nice–no motion sickness for us! It actually helped me sleep, I think. We were in an inside cabin, so there were no windows and no light could come in. I’m definitely a sunshine girl, but I think this means I need ultra darkness to help me sleep!

Night time on the ship!

Stay tuned for more! The next several Throwback Thursdays we’ll be cruisin’ the Caribbean!

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