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What I Ate in the Bahamas


It’s What I Ate Wednesday! I’ve started a series of Throwback Thursdays all about my graduation trip to the Bahamas with my friend Terri, so this What I Ate Wednesday is all about that tropical goodness!

Grocery Store Goods

Having just graduated a few weeks before and not having started jobs yet, we were still eating like cheap college kids! As everyone knows, peanut butter and jelly goes a long way, and we jazzed it up with some tropical choices like mango jelly and a (very hard and possibly not ripe) plantain. It got us through!

Dried apples, peanut butter, plantain, and mango jelly
Bahamas2008 143
Plantain PB and J

Farmers’ Market Finds

While walking around downtown Freeport, we stumbled up this amazing Bahamian Vendor’s Market! I love a good open-air, local market because that is the place to go for real culture and local small businesses. Check out the colorful fruits and veggies we found–all grown on the island!

Bahamian Farmers’ Market
Bahamas2008 244
Taking artistic produce shots (I still have that backpack)
Bahamas2008 246
Colorful choices
Bahamas2008 258
A RIPE plantain!
Bahamas2008 220
Super fresh doughnut–a nod to the South

Fresh Seafood

You know I’m an adventurous eater. And I’m always up for fresh seafood. Well, we found an awesome seafood shack (literally a shack) with the awesome Bahamian woman who wanted to make sure we knew this was the traditional way to each fresh conch, called “Scorch Conch.” And later on, we got some incredibly fresh sushi!

Gramma making “Scorch Conch,” which is conch, tomatoes, and lime juice, sort of like ceviche
Bahamas2008 256
Mmmm! I think Terri might have been grossed out.
Sushi! My #1 Favorite.

Hot Plates

So not everyone likes their food raw… so here are some cooked options for you! Almost everything was served with lime, which gave their food a definite tropical flair.

Crack Conch (breaded and fried) with rice
Rice and beans, and I promise there is some snapper in there somewhere!
Bahamas2008 257
Terri’s Crack Conch and fries
Bahamas2008 415
Asian Chicken and rice

We were only there three days, but we did some good eating while we were there! What should I make sure to find on my next trip to the Bahamas and the Caribbean? Tell me in the comments section!



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