What They Found on the Plane


My friends, I’m interrupting my usual “What I Ate Wednesday” for a very special treat. It’s What They Found Wednesday! My flight attendant friend gave me some great material and even ask some of his friends for pictures of things they’ve found on planes after everyone leaves! Get ready for a wild ride.

A Green Thumb

Succulent, anyone? 

“A bright pair of pink panties on the seat…”


Yep. Left their dentures.

“Found a pouch full of weed! Passenger came running back to retrieve it.” 


Airlines do not serve wine in glasses like this. It was taken from an airport restaurant. 

“Poop on the floor.”

The Black Bra

“New floatation device”

“My worst thing was a USED condom in the seat pocket. The cleaners found it as we were getting off the plane. They stuck there hands in the pocket to get trash out. Good thing they were wearing gloves. Yuck. I don’t have a picture. Probably good.”

Vibrating Coaster

“At least I am going back to San Diego today and will return it.” 

Have you ever left anything behind on a plane? Hopefully you didn’t leave any of these behind!

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  1. Funny, and begs a whole lot of questions about the back stories of these objects.

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