Viva Nashvegas! What to Know Before You Visit Nashville


This Flyaway Friday I’m taking you to… my home state! Nashville is hot on the tourism and travel radar right now! It has been or some time, and there’s no sign of that slowing down any time soon. Being a Tennessee girl, born and raised just an hour outside of Nashville, I thought I’d share some insights (in no particular order) into what some Tennesseans loving call “Nashvegas” so you can fit right in on your trip to Music City and the South! Big thanks to my brother for many of the photos below!

 10. This is “The Batman Building” 

AKA: the AT&T building

This is probably Nashville’s most recognizable landmark. It’s had a couple of different names over the years, but Tennesseans and Native Nashvillians all know it as the Batman Building, for obvious reasons! If you want to sound like a local, that’s what you’ll call it.

9. There is a Full-scale Parthenon Downtown

Parthenon at Centennial Park; Photo Credit: Jared Hassell

And there is a full-scale Athena inside as well. The Parthenon was built for the 1897 Centennial Exposition. Nashville is known to many as the “Athens of the South” because of the many universities nearby, particularly Vanderbilt. That’s why they chose to build a Parthenon!

 8. The Ryman Auditorium is a Former Church Building


The Ryman Auditorium is arguably the most sought-after venue for musicians in Nashville. Originally built as the Union Gospel Tabernacle, it’s been a music and event venue since the 1920s. The Grand Ole Opry radio show was broadcast from here for 31 years! Check out their website to see a show or take a tour of one of Nashville’s most famous sites.

7. You Need to Try a GooGoo Cluster

See how they’re made!
GooGoo Factory

Legend has it the term “GooGoo” comes from the acronym for Grand Ole Opry. According to the inventor, however, it’s named “GooGoo” because that was his son’s first word. GooGoo Clusters are so good, people ask for them from birth! The GooGoo store is right downtown, mere blocks from Broadway, the Batman Building, the convention center, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and more! I highly recommend a visit.

 6. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is Stunning

Get glammed up for the symphony!

Nashville’s country music scene is by far the most well-known, but it’s not called “Country Music City,” it’s “Music City.” There’s a time for cowboy boots, and there’s a time for heels and pearls, and Nashville gives you a chance to experience both!

5. Broadway is NOT the Theatre District

Nightlife on Broadway; Photo Credit: Jared Hassell

Nope! This Broadway is Nashville’s Honky Tonk hotspot. This is where you’ll find the line dancing, live music, and festivals Nashville is famous for!

4. The Bicentennial Mall has an Awesome Map of Tennessee

Map of Tennessee at Night; Photo Credit: Jared Hassell

Not only that, there is a fabulous farmers’ market and a cool timeline of Tennessee’s history there as well. It’s such a nice setting for a peaceful, Southern afternoon.

3. Centennial Park has Free Wi-fi… and Sometimes Food Trucks

A quiet moment in Nashville; Photo Credit: Jared Hassell

Locals who are tired of the office can bring their laptops out here and work, students can take advantage of beautiful spring and fall weather and study on the green space, and everyone can picnic! When the food trucks stop by here, it’s the perfect mid-day activity with the Parthenon in the background.

2. Nashville Hot Chicken is Not Kidding

Nashville Hot Chicken; Photo Credit: Jared Hassell

There are different degrees of heat for Nashville’s now nationally famed hot chicken, but the real stuff is too hot for me to handle. Insider tip: the white bread and potato salad that come with it will help with the heat!

1. The local Minor League Baseball Team is the Nashville Sounds

Nashville Sounds! Photo Credit: Jared Hassell

And they have a guitar-shaped scoreboard. Long before our NFL team (the Titans), long before our NHL team (the Predators) there was minor league baseball! I remember going to  games when I was little and getting ice cream in a plastic baseball helmet bowl. It’s always a good time, and you never know when one of the players will be called up to play in the majors. You can say you knew him when!

Is Nashville on your travel list? It’s an amazing city with so much to offer, and I definitely recommend it!

13 thoughts on “Viva Nashvegas! What to Know Before You Visit Nashville

  1. I did four of the things on your list. I had a cousin at uni out in Nashville so got to visit and it was in fact my first blogpost on my blog! I would definately recommend it as a place to visit 😊

      1. Yea it would be actually and I would add in Memphis along with it too, to truly get the whole country and rock n roll feel of the south. I felt I had a whistlestop tour of the place.

  2. Be careful about recommending the white bread as a way to cut the heat on Nashville Hot Chicken. It will soak up the seasoning and often becomes hotter than the chicken itself. Delicious! 😁

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