Travel Revolution: Changing the Way You Travel

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! This week, I’m letting you in on my secret weapons: products that have revolutionized the way I travel. Travel harder, not smarter, my friends. Many of the photos below contain affiliate links via Amazon. This means if you purchase a product from one of these links, you will be helping me grow my business!

Coconut Oil

You may have heard me reference coconut oil in some other posts because it’s amazing stuff! It’s my facial moisturizer, body lotion, sunburn soother, deep conditioner, shaving cream, and more. It’s also solid at room temperature, so I don’t have to worry about going over the TSA liquid limit! Click the photo below to get yours!

Solid Soap and Shampoo

I LOVE my natural bar soaps! I get mine from Truly-Life, and the Coconut Shampoo and Body Wash bar is another liquid-saving miracle. Coconut oil and olive oil-based soaps are both cleaning and moisturizing, and if you can find some with essential oils, they can be good for you in other ways, too!

Solid Soap and Shampoo from Truly-Life

Even when I travel without data or cell service, my phone is my camera, my planner, my notes taker, weather forecaster, social media connector (so my family knows I’m safe), and more.  Check out my post on Apps for Savvy Travel to learn how to maximize your phone’s abilities when you’re abroad!

Waterproof Phone Case

I was in Guam recently and left my waterproof camera at home! I saw all these people walking around with smartphones in these bag-type things, and finally figured out it’s a one-size-fits-most waterproof case! I got one for around $10 online, and now I can take pictures kayaking, swimming, canoeing, and more!

Jamberry Nails

I’m so in love with these. I can’t keep paint neatly on my nails to save my life, but Jamberry Nails not only have no dry time, they last up to two weeks (but I’ve had them on three weeks before), they’re way cheaper than a manicure, and there are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from! Check out all their styles here!

For Women Only

The Ring

I don’t mean a ring on your finger, I mean the NuvaRing for birth control. When you’re changing time zones and dealing with jet lag, it’s very hard to remember to take a pill every day–and even more difficult to remember it at the correct time. With the NuvaRing,  you put it in once a month, three weeks later you take it out, and you have your period that week. Which leads me to my #1 favorite product, travel-related or not!

The Menstrual Cup

OK, this one might gross you out at first, but I promise you, the cup is cleaner, easier, and less invasive to your life than pads or tampons. There are some amazing Youtube videos out there to help you get started, but overall this reusable, silicone cup is the best thing I’ve ever had. I used to get nearly debilitating cramps, I’d go through multiple super tampons or pads within a few hours, and I was constantly worried about leaks. Since using the cup, I have:

  • saved money (I’ve used one cup for nearly two years now, as opposed to buying multiple boxes of tampons and three different types of pads per month)
  • helped the environment (not throwing anything away)
  • STOPPED HAVING CRAMPS (only 4 ibuprofen, 3-4 times a day could start to ease my cramps every day of my period)
  • had shorter periods (5 days instead of 7-8)
  • had no leaks or unpleasant surprises (which I always dealt with prior to the cup)
  • rebalanced the pH inside myself (cotton and chemicals do not belong down there)
  • packed less (tampons and pads take up a LOT of space!)

Did I mention you can leave it in for 12 hours? On super long-haul flights, I’ve left it in even longer.

Don’t believe me? Do a little of your own research! I use the Dutchess Cup, which cost around $30 for two, and for the last two years I’ve used the same one. Bacteria cannot grow on silicone, so when you boil it, wash it with good soap, wipe it clean, or wash it in the dishwasher, it really is cleaner than a tampon. There are many types of cups out there for both pre- and post-baby lady parts, so you will have no trouble finding one. And the come in all kinds of colors! Click the photo below to try it for yourself!

So, are you ready to travel more efficiently? What products have revolutionized your travels?


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      1. None as good as yours my top ones would be solid shampoo bars (my favourite is Lush’s Jason and the Argon Oil) and to always take a little bottle of Travel Wash with me as it’s allowed in hand luggage being only 100ml and it means you can take less clothes if you’re low on luggage space x

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