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Scenes from the Window Seat

It’s Flyaway Friday, and this week I have a special treat for you! Today we’re getting a bird’s eye view–a view from the window seat! Over the years I’ve slept very little on planes, but a benefit of that is I get to see lots of sunrises and sunsets, sometimes multiples on long-haul flights! Here’s a peek whether you’re a good plane sleeper or just not so sure about flying yourself!

Let’s start with a favorite:


This sunset popped up on our way to Seoul, South Korea last year. I love the way the clouds are, and that the sun reflects off the wing the way it does!


This one was taken on a flight over Europe in May 2012, enroute to Warsaw, Poland. That is definitely snow in May! This is also the last flight I took before meeting the man who would become my husband.



These are two recent photos on a flight from DC to Tokyo. They were taken mere moments apart, but the difference is stunning! My sweet husband told me with certainty that what we were seeing was the aurora borealis, but I didn’t believe him! He knows I’m gullible, but I’m getting wise to him.


This one was taken somewhere over the Southwestern US enroute to Los Angeles. Is it the Grand Canyon? I’m not sure. I am sure it looks awesome, though!



These were taken on a crazy trip to Alaska in December 2007! The people I visited have a small plane called a Super Cub, and they even let me take the controls for a few minutes! Pictures do not do justice the the beauty of Alaska in winter.


Say good morning to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! This was taken on New Year’s Day, 2016, as my husband and I headed home from a few days away from the cold DC winter. Such a sunrise over the city!


Ever seen Mount Fuji at sunset? Now you have! I had to zoom in quite a bit on this one. The other side of the plane got a better look, and our side had to wait until the plane turned around (and we were farther away). I just love the colors of sunrises and sunsets.


And speaking of volcanoes and mountains, this is the Cotopaxi Volcano in Quito, Ecuador. It’s still active, and I know this because she almost kept us from catching a flight home in August 2015! It had “exploded,” though not with lava. Ash started spewing out and compromising the air! All day long we wondered what all this pollution was and why everything in Quito was so dirty. Only when our original flight was cancelled did we find out it was due to ash from the volcano!


This was the sight we got upon landing in Newark, NJ, after the series of flights that got us out of Quito! It was a crazy experience, but this bit of sunrise with the New York City skyline was the glimmer of hope we needed to push us through the next couple of hours until we landed back home in DC!

And now the best for last:




These photos are from the best flight of my life! It only lasted an hour, but the sights along the Na’Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii, brought me nearly to tears. The colors, the shapes, and the natural beauty can hardly be accurately described, but the word “majestic” kept coming to mind. This was the first thing we did on our second anniversary trip to the Garden Island, and it was a beautiful introduction!

Do you always pick the window seat for the scenery?

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