Tokyo Take 2

Originally published on 6 June 2006. This post is part of a larger series of “e-mails to home” from my first ever trip abroad–to Japan!

So I woke up on Sunday and read my Bible. I miss real church with other people. I’ll be glad to go to a service when I get home. I got to call my family again, which was so nice. I have no idea how to express how thankful and grateful I am to the Fujitas for everything they’re doing for me!

After I got ready for the day, Mr. Fujita and I took the dog for a walk. Their whole family speaks English very well, and I just really enjoyed talking to them all. I think Mr. Fujita tried to drop hints that I should come back for a few years when I graduate. It’ll be so hard to say no if that’s what I decide. Everyone–everyone–has been just incredible, and I’m loving my time here. We’ll see how things turn out.

When we got back, Mr. Fujita showed me his new computer, which just went on the market last week. It’s SO small!

After our walk and a hardy meal, Mr. Fujita, Hiro, and I went to the mountains! We went to this temple that hasn’t yet been commercialized. The countryside of Tokyo is gorgeous. It was overcast, but the view was breathtaking. And the temple and shrines around it aren’t behind wire fences like at other places.

Lunch was barbecue chicken, rice, and salad. It was all very good! Mrs. Fujita said they miss a restaurant called Bobby Q’s in Cookeville, and they always stock up on barbecue sauce from Koger when they go to America! I thought that was pretty funny.

After lunch, Mrs. Fujita let me try on her archery Kimono (she does Japanese Archery, how awesome is that?). The bow is about 8 feet tall! She also let me try on her kimono. She said it’s washable b/c it’s polyester, and she never wears it, so I can have it if I want it. I said no of course (they’d done so much already!), but she insisted! I couldn’t believe it.

And after that, we went Kimono shopping! Mrs. Fujita knows this place that sells 2nd-hand, REAL SILK kimonos for a very, very low price. A new one is over $1000, and a REALLY nice one can be a million dollars! These were good quality, real silk, and professionally cleaned for less than $100! I couldn’t believe it.

So then it was time to say goodbye. We hopped on the subway and made it to my train just in time. I thanked Mrs. Fujita for about the trillionth time, then got on the Shinkansen and headed back to Ise. When I changed trains in Nagoya, my seat was right across from this adorable little boy and his mom and mom’s friend. They were very amazed with my BLUE eyes! I guess I’ve taken them for granted. Everyone here has very dark brown eyes, and blue just sort of amazes them, I guess. Look how cute he is:


I made it back to the apartment about 9:20, got ready for bed, and talked to Mom on instant messenger for a little bit, just to let her know I got back ok. I crashed in bed a little after 10:30 and that was the end of my little adventure… for now!

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