What to Eat in United Polaris Business

This What I Ate Wednesday is coming to you from the air! My husband and I recently flew in United’s new Polaris Business Class for the first time. This is their “soft” product, meaning new comforts like blankets, pillows, PJs… and new foods! Their complete product will be out in the not too distant future, meaning new seat configurations and hopefully a bit more storage for all those blankets and pillows!

But let’s get to what really matters… the eats!

First Up: Pre-flight Chocolate and Beverage

Chocolate, anyone?

This is an addition I’m really excited about! Nothing makes air travel sweeter than a sweet, right? This chocolatey treat was just the thing to really put me in a celebratory mood before we got started on the 18 hour and 55 minute journey from take-off in DC to touch-down on Guam! And the little stand for the beverage of choice (water because hydration matters) is nice, too. You just have to remember to put it back the way you picked it up–on the little black cone.

Lupper (Lunch/Supper)


Salad and appetizer from Washington-Dulles (IAD)-Tokyo-Narita (NRT)

I’ll be honest, this was one of the worst appetizer trays I’ve had on a flight. The salad on the left was more like a dry slaw, and the olive oil dressing that came on the side was not my thing. The chilled appetizers on the right were bland and just shy of frozen. I realize altitude and the plane’s atmosphere alter the taste of airplane food, but compared to previous flights’ food options, this was definitely not an improvement.

Salad and appetizer from NRT-IAD

The food on the way back to the States was better! The salad was more palatable (though the dressing was the same and still not my thing), and the chicken roll-ups on the right were tastier than the first flight’s appetizer options. This one gets the Quick Whit stamp of approval.


Turbot with mushroom risotto IAD-NRT

After the appetizer, I was not expecting much, but this was surprisingly delightful! The turbot fish was done nicely, and the mushroom risotto with the cream sauce was a winning combination. Even the cherry tomatoes were yummy.

Salmon with green beans and saffron risotto NRT-IAD

This was another winner! The salmon was a bit overdone for me (but I like it raw, so I’m sure some people thought it was perfect), and the sauce went well with the fish and the green beans. The saffron risotto is something I could have had a second helping of myself!

Cheese Course

Cheese and crackers

This is the same as pre-Polaris and is served on all long-haul flights: an assortment of cheeses, red grapes, and crackers. Geared toward the savory and the still hungry. I like brie!


Two of the dessert options IAD-NRT

Yum! They have kept their signature sundae with various toppings (my sweet husband always chooses caramel and whipped cream!), and I chose the salted caramel dark chocolate bar. A lovely end to an in-flight meal.

Various bite-size treats NRT-IAD

On the flight back I got a little bolder and asked if I could try one of each of the non-sundae options. Turns out I could! The green item to the left was an Asian treat I have loved since my first trip abroad to Japan: sweet bean treat! The outer part is kind of like marzipan, and the inside is stuffed with sweet bean paste. Don’t knock it till you try it. At the top is a dark chocolate cake, and at the bottom is a yummy mini fruit tart.


Pork katsu IAD-NRT

I love Asian breakfasts! Noodles for breakfast should be a staple in the States as well. Above you see a croissant, seaweed, yogurt, pork katsu with noodles and edamame in curry sauce, and a side of fresh fruit.

Fish for breakfast NRT-IAD

Whoops! I took the picture before I got my bread. Anyway, at the top is apple yogurt, the main dish is fish, rice, and veggies in an Asian sauce, and a side of fresh fruit. Fish and rice for breakfast? I’m on board!

There were also both hot and cold options for mid-flight snacks, but I’m usually full enough from “Lupper” that I don’t need anything mid-flight. Not to mention I actually got to SLEEP, which is something I almost never do on planes! Thank goodness for those lay-flat seats.

Arrival Treat


Another addition I’m basically thrilled about is the pre-landing truffle box! This one contained a white chocolate truffle and a green tea truffle. I’m not so much a fan of green tea, but white chocolate is right up my alley!

So what do you think? Are you signing up for Polaris Business Class?

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  1. Everything looks so good. Nice way to fly.

    1. It is! I’m grateful to your sweet son for showing me the real way to fly!

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