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Cyber Monday is here! Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday of choice, I have the perfect guide for the traveler on your list!

When shopping for your traveling loved one, remember that traveling light is of utmost importance. Travel gadgets may be awesome, but they can also add more weight than convenience if it’s the wrong thing. That light-up toothbrush? That’s just taking up space. The expensive luggage from that famous designer? That won’t get treated any nicer than the cheap stuff, and it’s only costing your loved one a luggage fee ever time they use it if it’s too big for the overhead bin. Here are some sure-fire suggestions for the traveler you love!

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1. Scratch-off map

I love coming home from a trip and getting to scratch off more of this map! It’s motivating every time I look at it.

2. Passport cover

All passports from the same country look the same. But travelers are the type who want to be unique individuals, and their passport is likely their most prized possession. Whether your traveler is practical and wants pockets to keep travel paper in or they’re into some bling, there’s a passport cover for everyone!

 3. Pocket Scarf

This one is good for men and women–everyone needs a safe place to keep a stash of cash, their passport, or their room key!

 4. Travel Books

Eyewitness travel is our favorite guide book series! If you know where your special traveler is heading or where they’ve always wanted to go, feed their wanderlust with information at their fingertips. Combine a book with some post-it tabs and highlighters, and you’ve got a whole package!

 5. Cash

It’s true, travel costs money, although it doesn’t have to cost too much money. Nonetheless, having a little more money in their bank account will ease any traveler’s mind.

 6. Light Luggage

I always recommend a good backpack for any traveler. They might want to pick this out themselves, but I’ve been very satisfied with my Samsonite and Osprey backpacks. I can take one or use both, and I can keep both hands free for handling my ID and boarding pass in security!

 7. E-reader

I’ll be honest, I prefer a paperback book with real pages, but e-readers really are ideal for traveling–you can keep an entire library on a thin device, where as “real” books take up valuable space! Take this gift to the next level and include a gift card for more books! Here are two options for your price range:

 8. Gift Cards

And speaking of gift cards, any one will do! Especially when I was single, I’d take any gift card in any amount because that meant I didn’t have to use my hard-earned money–I could spend all that on travel! Grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, Amazon; you name it, travelers will love it!

 9. Tickets

Plane, train, cruise ship–you name it, traveler’s need it! Plane tickets are often the most expensive part of a trip, so your traveling loved one will love this very special gift!

10. Compression Socks

They’re not just for the aged anymore! They come in fun colors and patterns–or if you’re like my husband, they come in basic black and solids as well. These are helpful on long flights, especially in economy, where feet are most likely to swell in-flight.

11. External Battery Charger

I never go on a trip without more than 200% power for my phone! It’s my phone, pocket-sized computer, camera, and personal assistant, thanks to amazing travel apps, and it needs to be charged at all times. I prefer a battery pack/phone case combo, but there are other external battery options as well! Just make sure the charging mechanism is compatible with your loved one’s phone. For instance, any accessory for the iPhone needs to be labeled “mfi,” or “made for iPhone.”

12. All-in-one Adaptor

And speaking of staying charged, an all-in-one power adaptor is a handy device. No matter where your loved one goes, they will need to keep all their devices charged and ready, and you can help them do that!

13. Water Bottle and Travel Mug

It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially on a long flight. I can never get enough water on a plane, and certainly not from those tiny cups they pass out in-flight. But you can fill up a water bottle before your board, and I’ve never been turned down when asking for hot water for my travel mug! My Contigo water bottle is spill proof! Combine a travel mug with packets of Emergen-C, tea, or instant coffee, and you have a whole package!

 14. Snacks

And along those same lines, every traveler needs snacks between tiny airplane meals. Good choices are exceptionally portable and/or resealable. Individual packs of trail mix, meal bars, jerky, etc., are all good choices!

15. Global Entry

What’s Global Entry? It’s a magical program that allows you to fly through customs–sometimes saving you hours of waiting in line and even prevents missed connections! You can bundle it with TSA PreCheck (allowing faster and more civilized security experience within the U.S.) for $100, and it’s good for 5 years. It’s the gift that keeps on giving with every trip for 60 months!

Also a Good Idea: Gift Baskets!

Want to really blow them away? Combine some of these options to create a whole package!

A. Know your traveler is headed to the beach? A quick-dry travel towel, water bottle, flip flops, sunscreen (travel-size, please!), sunglasses, travel book, and tropical trail mix fit nicely into a collapsable tote!

B. Are they heading off to an arctic adventure for New Year’s? Gloves, a knitted hat, hand warmers, fuzzy socks, travel book, and a down coat will all fit nicely in a new backpack!

C. Not sure where they’re going? Absolutely every traveler needs travel-size toiletries. Grab a nice hanging toiletries bag and fill it with disposable toothbrushes, little toothpaste, solid soaps, hair products, contact solution, lotion (or coconut oil if they’re like me!), an eye mask, earplugs, chapstick, and anything else you can think of that might come in handy!

Hope these suggestions are helpful! What would you like to see on a future “Gifts for Travelers” list? Love this post? Pin it for later!

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