Unplugging for Love

Originally published on 8 May 2015.

Aloha, my faithful readers! After a 9-month long blogging break, I’m back and ready to bring you with me!

Steve and I chose the beautiful island of O’ahu as a celebratory destination for our first anniversary. Steve had been before, but I had not. I wanted to see Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, everything! And we got pretty close! I decided to do something very special for Steve and me, something I’ve never done before: I completely unplugged! That means no phone, no computer. I actually went and bought a waterproof camera so I wouldn’t even use my phone to take pictures. And I must say, it was the best thing I could have done! It’s true I felt a bit less efficient without my Trip Advisor app, notes, maps, etc., but I also got to spend more quality time with my husband, see more things since I wasn’t looking down at my phone researching things to see, and I felt less stressed than I usually do when I travel!

We left early Thursday morning–and by early, I mean the cab came to take us to the airport at 4:30am!. Our first flight took off at 5:45am, and off we went! It’s was a three-ish hour flight to Houston, and an 8-ish hour flight to Honolulu. We arrived just before noon, which gave us plenty of time to explore and fight the 6 hour time difference!

We checked into our hotel–thankfully our room was ready early!–and changed into running gear. Despite my recent bunion surgeries, I’m back to running! Slowly, of course, but surely! We set out for Diamond Head Crater and its trail. It was 2.5 miles from our hotel, so we didn’t run the whole way (only half a mile, actually), but it was a lovely walk… especially with my Love holding my hand! The  walk there was nice–80 degrees and sunny is the kind of weather I thrive on! The hike up the trail was pretty intense. especially on my little feet after a long walk, but the view (and the breeze) from the top was entirely worth the stairs, gravel, stones, and winding paths! Steve was so helpful. Even with my slow pace, he stuck right by my side the whole time!

The walk back was tiresome (mostly because I was afraid of overdoing it on my feet), but even with the long day, the long walk, and the long walk back, we enjoyed our time in the warmth of the sun and the breeze from the sea!

When we got back to the hotel, I really wasn’t sure I could make another walk to and from a restaurant, so Steve went out to pick up sushi for us and brought it back. But not before we watched the sunset from our room! We met back up at the sky view lounge on the sixth floor to eat our supper. It was beautiful!

And now… Friday! Day two in paradise began early… around 4:00am. This is the good side of jet lag for us morning people! We got up and going at a leisurely pace. He brought me coffee, I gazed out the window at the sea, and we both hit the gym. And then it was time for breakfast!

So apparently, Eggs ‘n’ Things is THE place to go for breakfast any time of the morning or afternoon! There was a bit of a wait when we got there, but once we got seated, we were served quickly! Steve got a huge omelette, and I got the Ahi and eggs (Hawaii’s version of steak and eggs). Both came with pancakes. We finished it all. =) It lasted us almost the whole day!

We spent the rest of the morning at Waikiki beach. It really is as beautiful as the pictures and movies portray. And maybe even more! The sand is pretty rough to walk on for your feet, so I got some water shoes to bring with me on the trip. I’m so glad I did! They’re pink and orange!

The hotel gave us a beach bag with fruit, water, and two towels. We brought sunscreen with us, though the concierge offered us some. The breeze was cool and refreshing, the water was warm(ish), and the sand was almost all white! It’s a beautiful place, even with all the other tourists and beach-goers around!

After a couple of hours, we had tired of the sand getting, well, everywhere, so we decided to spend the rest of the day at the hotel’s infinity pool with a view of the ocean! Not a bad way to spend our first full day in paradise! When we decided we were sufficiently beached and pooled, we showered and changed and went out for… more sushi! And we ate it at the outdoor lounge with a view of the sunset. But there was an equally exciting surprise. Apparently, a nearby hotel shoots fireworks every Friday night at 7:45. And we could see them from the comfort of our room!

Aloha! Join us in my next post for some Hawaiian history and a drive around the island!

Here’s a beach picture:

Check back soon for O’ahu part two!

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