Travel Fear: I Can’t

Happy October, one and all! I’m starting a new series in preparation for one of my most favorite holidays: Halloween! This series is all about travel fears. People have all sorts of “reasons” (ahem, excuses) not to travel. We’ll be exploring these travel fears and debunk them! For our first “Spooky Saturday” post, let’s start with a fundamental one: I can’t.
There are so many reasons one may think they “can’t” travel: I’m too overweight, too fragile, too tied down, too tired, too depressed, etc. Here are some reasons why “I can’t” is no reason to stay home.

 1. Don’t give up before you start.

Saying that you can’t do something before you even try just means you won’t. Sugar-coating aside, it’s an excuse to stay home and take no chances. Don’t give up on yourself. Travelers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and from absolutely all backgrounds. For every “I can’t” excuse you may have, there’s someone out there just like you who’s doing it.

 2. You are what you want to be.

If you want to be a homebody, you have every right to be. But if you long for travel, a change of scenery, a change of pace, a chance to learn something new, you can make it happen–but only if you want it. If that’s the case, own up to it. Don’t hide behind the excuse of “I can’t travel because _______.” Own up to, “I don’t want to travel.”

3. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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So let’s be honest. Why “can’t” you travel? Comment below and we will find a solution for you!

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