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Packing Strategy 4: Accessorize, Prioritize

Welcome to another installment of Packing Strategies!

This week we’re looking at accessories. Gentlemen, for you that’s mostly a watch and perhaps a wedding ring, but I have some tips for you, too! Ladies, there are quite a few more possibilities for us, and we’ll get to those in a moment.


1. Watches

Leave the Rolex at home! And maybe the same for your nice, non-waterproof GPS watch, too. Some places you go are fine for that sort of thing (Monaco, for instance), but others are maybe not as safe for those things. In second- and third-world countries, or other countries with a high crime rate, wear a watch that is non-descript.

2. Rings

Hopefully your wedding ring won’t be coming off at any time, but it may be a good idea to have a less expensive “decoy” ring that you wear while traveling, and leave your expensive ring at home. You can get inexpensive decoy rings on Amazon and the like. I actually bought a generic tungsten ring for $13, and it’s the one I wear at the gym and when I travel to some countries.

$13 plain, boring, damage-proof tungsten ring for gym and travel


1. Fine Jewelry

To piggy-back on that last point, ladies should also consider leaving those expensive pieces at home. Especially that flashy engagement ring for those diamond earrings you got for college graduation. Better safe than sorry!

These lovely items stay safely at my home when we travel!

2. Costume and Statement Jewelry

These are pieces that can change an entire outfit! I am tremendously in favor of re-wearing clothes when I travel because I like to travel light. A colorful necklace, earrings, or bracelet can make a black outfit look completely different than if you wore the black outfit on its own. Turquoise goes with almost everything, and so do pearls. Or if there’s a color you particularly love or one that looks best on you, plan to wear a couple of outfits that are different from each other, but that both go with that color and piece of jewelry. Instead of two outfits, you now have four combinations!

Chunky necklace, over-sized “pearl” earrings, and my favorite turquoise earrings. These items can take me from day to night, from basic and elegant black to fun and colorful!

3. Scarves

Scarves are so handy. A good scarf can be a cover-up for temples or other conservative places you may visit, a light blanket on a chilly plane, an accessory like the jewelry mentioned above, a wrap-around top, a bathing suit coverup, or perhaps for its intended purpose… a scarf! I almost never leave for a trip without a scarf, no matter what season or what the weather at my destination.

A few exciting scarves from my collection. I usually pick one per trip.

4. “Stuff” Carriers

In recent years, the travel industry has come up with stuff carriers that are leaps and bounds better than the fanny packs and money holders of yesteryear! Here’s one that goes on your wrist and holds an iPhone 6 (they also make one big enough for the larger iPhone 6s). It also has a zipper pocket for cash or credit cards.

Cute wrist “purse.”

And here’s one that goes around your waist. I mostly use it when I run to carry my ID, keys, and maybe cash or a credit card if I plan to stop for coffee somewhere. But it can also be used when you’re just walking around a new city and want a little extra security for your money. It has a clip for your keys, and it fits well under your clothes.

Handy dandy waist band with lot of pockets!

What other accessories do you use when you travel? What other tips do you have? Check back next week for Packing Strategy 5: Luggage Minimization!

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