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Packing Strategy 1: Roll with It!

People often take one look at my luggage and tell me I can’t possibly have packed enough for my trip, no matter how long or short! They ask me how I do it, and now I’m sharing my secrets with you in this series about packing strategies!

Packing Strategy I: Roll with It!

Rolling is by far the best trick I’ve learned in all my years of packing. I read about it in American Girl Magazine when I was probably 11 or 12, and I’ve been doing it ever since, even in my drawers at home! My older brother used to bring his friends into my room to show them my unbelievably organized drawers of rolled up clothes. Seriously though, you save so much more space by rolling instead of folding, and here is your step by step tutorial, Quick Whit style! Let’s start from the bottom up.


Yes, I’ve used my frilliest, brightest ones for this demonstration! Did that get your attention? Start with them laying flat on a flat surface.

Fold in half, lengthwise.

Fold in half again, lengthwise.

Start rolling at one end. Remember to roll tightly!

The finished product! Ready for packing.



Put them one on top of the other.

Open one side wide.

Fold the larger opening around the other sock. Ready to go!


Start flat.

Fold in half, lengthwise.

Fold sleeves over.

Fold the shirt in half, lengthwise.

Start rolling from one end.


Camisoles and Tank Tops:

Start flat.

Fold in half, horizontally.

Fold in half, lengthwise.

Roll it up!

Long-sleeved Shirts and Sweaters:

Start flat.

Fold in half, lengthwise; make sure the sleeves line up.

Fold sleeves over; be sure to line up the corner of the sleeve to the crease in the shirt.

Fold lengthwise once more. Now you have a long rectangle.

Start rolling! Be sure to roll it tightly so it will turn out as small as possible.


Start flat.

Fold lengthwise.

Fold the crotch over, making sure the point touches the straight end.

Fold in half, horizontally, making them shorter.

Roll from one end.

Ta-da! Now, you’re ready to pack!

Basically, no matter what shape it is starting out, make it a rectangular or square as best you can, and then roll it as tightly as possible.

You can also use tissue paper or a plastic dry cleaner’s garment bag to roll with and you’ll see even fewer wrinkles.

Do you have something to add about this strategy? Comment below and check back next week for Packing Strategy 2: Tetris Packing!

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