Carry-on Only: 14 Days, 5 Cities

It’s that time again… time to pack! My husband is whisking me away for our annual Trip of a Lifetime, and this year we’re hitting up five cities in five different countries, four of which are new to us–and all of which are new to me! Luckily it’s summer (or summery weather) in all these places, which makes packing a little easier.

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Carry-on 1

In my carry-on

Left to right:

  1. Light jacket
  2. Passport
  3. Tea, coffee, Emergen-C, and stevia for the plane
  4. Refillable travel mug
  5. Cross-body purse
  6. Glasses (in the red case)
  7. Compression socks
  8. Small Marie Mae notebook, pen, and highlighter
  9. Carry-on toiletries bag (see list below)
  10. Refillable water bottle
  11. Book (I love a good paper book!)
  12. Dress to change into before we land in our first destination (it’s wrinkle-resistant and rolls down small in my bag!)
  13. Scarf
  14. Snack bars
  15. Carry-on backpack

Carry-on Toiletries


Left to right:

  1. Carry-on toiletries bag
  2. Wisp disposable toothbrushes (I’ll also be receiving a real toothbrush and toothpaste in a Business First amenities kit when I board our first flight)
  3. Alcohol wipes (you know, for when your phone falls in the toilet, like mine did in Vegas earlier this year)
  4. Eyeliner and mascara; the only make up I use, which I’ll be applying before we land so I don’t look (or feel!) so much like I just walked off a plane
  5. Floss
  6. Contact case
  7. Contact solution
  8. Coconut oil (the white thing in the top right corner)
  9. Disposable facial wipes

Second Carry-on Luggage


Top to bottom, left to right: 

  1. Workout clothes (4 sets, I’ll toss one set after each place we visit)
  2. Running shoes
  3. White tank top/undershirt
  4. Black strapless dress, brown belt, brown shoes (perfect for a hot day or a night out!)
  5. Two light t-shirts; the light colors will not attract mosquitos like dark ones would
  6. Purple dress that doubles as a skirt; goes with any of the tops pictured
  7. Two bathing suit tops, one bathing suit bottom (sometimes I used the green tankini as a top for hiking or walking around a beach town–hint, hint)
  8. Sarong (aka bathing suit cover-up)
  9. Red athletic tape for running (because I’m a mess)
  10. Underwear and socks, 4 of each
  11. Backpack
  12. Water shoes
  13. Not pictured above: Toiletries bag

Toiletries bag


Top to bottom, left to right: 

  1. Travel razor set
  2. Deodorant
  3. Two travel mousse cans (one is almost empty)
  4. Truly-Life soap (I’m very picky about my soap)
  5. Q-tips and hair ties
  6. Bug repellent
  7. Extra contacts
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Two travel-size conditioners
  10. Disposable facial wipes
  11. Odor reducer spray
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Toiletries bag
  14. Jewelry bag containing my favorite watch and earrings (which go with everything I packed!)

Electronics (which will go in my blue carry-on backpack)

  1. External hard drive (where all my pictures live)
  2. Laptop
  3. Laptop charger
  4. Phone charger
  5. Outlet adapter
  6. Not pictured, my phone (it was taking the picture)

Day-of Travel Outfit

  1. Sleeveless top
  2. Coobie bra–most comfortable bra in the world and the ONLY kind I will wear while traveling
  3. Travel-friendly wedding ring and bracelet
  4. Underwear
  5. Socks
  6. Walking shoes
  7. Black capri pants

So there you have it! I might add in a pair of shorts and possibly another tank top. Or I might take the tank top and one of the t-shirts out and wear those instead of the purple sleeveless top pictured above! Steve will be bringing some liquid laundry detergent so we can wash our clothes as needed in the bathtub or sink. He is also in charge of our Eyewitness Travel books!

Am I missing something? Am I taking too much? What do you think? Did I pack something you might not have thought of yourself?

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